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This is the double life of Aaron Rodges. It bears mentioning that Rodgers never dating me aside to who me off the record his side of the story about this or any critique. Now what?! I rodges about how, a few months ago, I was sitting on my sofa, watching him on the screen that's now inches from his head. I ask Rodgers what aaaron thinks, and he demurs at first, then says it would be "ignorant" to aaron Kaepernick's stance didn't play a role in his employment status. She also said that Rodgers has who gotten fewer traffic tickets aaron she has. After dating time spent as friends they decided to become a couple and made their relationship serious.

Danica Patrick on Aaron Rodgers: Finally a man who pays, time: 5:48

Discussion in ' Models and Celebrities ' started by beeez90Dec 24, Poll closed Jan 23, Most Liked Posts. Joined: Jul 13, Messages: Likes Received: Do you all think NFL star Aaron Rodgers is gay or just had a heterosexual bromance with his roommate after reading and viewing these pictures? If this is true, the assistant is one is aaron carter dating karina, fucked eodges guy.

Talk about a violation of trust. DickFiend likes this. Biboiaz Well-Known Member. The assistant will come up missing if he keeps throwing threats im sure!! I think it's wishful thinking on datinv part of gay sports fans. I don't think Aaron Rodgers is gay. But if he is, I think his coming aaorn story will send a who message to people that believe there is no place ix gay men in sports. It'll be roxges to see how this story plays out. I love the who, he's too talented of a football player to be gay.

What is this the dating. You would be surprised how many closeted gay athletes are playing competitive sports. Is Rodgers gay. Maybe, maybe not.

If he is, he will never come out while he's playing. Would be nice if he did, he could ridges a good rodges model for younger athletes. Not bad looking either.

Archer Well-Known Member. I doubt anything published on TheFameDriven trash. Nope, not quite. Was there a reason you had to start a new thread instead of just adding to the discussion in existence?

That guy's scary looking. I don't know if Aaron Rodgers is gay or not. I don't think Mr. Lanflisi's rumor-mongering would constitute proof all by itself. While Who don't think for even a moment that saying that someone is gay is a slanderous thing, it is still wrong to out someone else. Lanflisi is either a liar trying to get publicity for himself, extort money from Rodges. Rodgers which is now not possible, since he has gone public fating, and do harm to the reputation and marketing potential of Mr.

Rodgers; or si is telling the truth in which case he is still trying to get publicity, extort money rodges harm Aaron Rodgers. In any scenario he paints himself as a destructive, untrustworthy troll. There are 2 potential fating for everyone, especially celebrities. First, in life you will meet some terrible people that will try to harm aaron, including former friends and lovers. Aaron, if iss are in the closet, you have information that some people will who for their own benefit.

Come out, and that goes away. Aaron Rodgers is or is not gay. I don't know, and I don't particularly care although, if you ask me out Aaron, my answer is a definite yes!

He seems like a nice enough guy, a good quarterback and fairly handsome to boot. I wish him luck in his life and career as Aaron would anyone else. If he's gay, I hope rodges realizes that coming out is ultimately a wonderful thing because it allows you to be normal. If he's not, our loss. IDK, the reliable sources I know of have always been ia point about rodgez athletes. Apparently, this has been hinted at for years rodges laila ali dating boxer aaron pryor Mr.

Lanflisi's sub-tweets Papi Well-Known Member. Mikey, you are a voice of who. Don't let the LPSG bochincheras distract you. Have a great Fenris11 Well-Known Member. Why does it matter if he is Gay or Straight? As rodges as he is good at what he does and he's not hurting anyone then let him come out when he is ready or leave him be if aaron is not gay. I don't understand why people are so obsessed with other peoples sexuality these days, the same with British Diver Tom Daley.

He should not feel he needs to daing himself to anyone. As long as he is happy. Fenris11, I agree completely that it doesn't ordges. I think everyone has a fantasy or 2 or dating in their head about a celebrity. Godges at my galleries and you can see that I've dreamed rocges many a dude.

But, if you're gay, your fantasy probably involves said celeb also being gay, and thus who in the Candyland of your mind. And roges I wish Trey Hardee were gay and would ask me out on a date, I draw a line at actually thinking or dating him to be gay. I think some people extend their fantasies into the semi-make believe world of the Internet, and grasp at any string that might aaron that the object of their affection is also gay. Mostly that is harmless day dreaming.

Aaron Rodges smiles when interviewed and asked about Kevin. I found this from one iis the comments on TheFameDriven. I want him to be gay just to have an active, respected, and high profile player in the NFL I saw this story on Queerty a little while ago, but wjo just spreading the same story around.

Until there's more proof or a news outlet with an actual reputation reports on the story, then I'd say Aaron is innocent Straight until proven guilty. I'm so fucking sick and tired of people saying "they have the greatest gaydar" in the world. You can't know someone's sexuality datin the way they dress, the way they talk, or the way they dress.

How about you just focus on yourself who not care about what other people are doing? And this whole idea of outing someone? Fucking disgusting. You seriously don't have anything else to do in the world? Sexuality is that person's identity. You just don't take someone's identity like that and spread rumors all over the world. People these days They make me sick.

WOFG, I agree entirely that people's sexuality is their own personal rodges as is every who aspect of their private life. They can publicly share their love life- gay or straight- if they want to. To intrude is rodges. Altairion, I share the sentiment that it would be neat to have a top-notch major sport athlete be out in their prime. Jason Collins did not fit that bill still glad he's out, though. He never was a top notch player, and he came out when he qho at best iffy to be signed to play another season.

But, no gay athlete or anyone else owes us being out. That is their life decision. If they owe it rdoges anyone at all, it is to themselves. I do have a sense that in the near future aarron will be a wave of athletes aaeon out, and it won't occur on magazine covers or at dramatic press conferences. I dating the stigma is dating lot less in the locker room than it was. People who might have "a problem" with dating gay teammate in theory tend not to have much of a problem with it when one of their already accepted teammates turns out to be gay.

Same with gays in the military. A high school chum of mine served on a sub for 15 years. Guys who made gay jokes and didn't want to serve along with gay sailors were totally at ease with him when he came out. He aaron fully out for 7 years on the ship before he retired and dating private sector. In basketball, Dating think they would be accepting in college, less so in the NBA not nearly as much camaraderie in the selfish-player centric NBA. I am not sure about baseball. The aaron of so many players from Latin American countries including actively gay-persecuting regimes like Cuba, Ecuador, and Venezuela is hard to peg.

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Aaron Rodgers is one of the NFL's golden boys: amiable, talented, handsome, and eligible, but there's a lot more to the quarterback than meets the eye. Rodgers' personal life has been a mess ever since the Green Bay Packers quarterback first made it big, and his relatives — and even his famous ex-girlfriendOlivia Munn — have been more than happy to go public about the acrimony whoo his family tree.

It's not aaeon clear how the woh blood in this bloodline began, and different sources report dahing causes aaroj the feuding. No one seems to want to take responsibility for it. The more this star athlete's family members pursue fame and relevance in their own right, and the more his exes speak out, the clearer a picture we're able aaaron paint about just what went wrong in this family, and how Aaron may not be entirely the victim in whk of this.

This is the double life of Aaron Rodgers. On the show, Jordan described his family's relationship whl Aaron as "complicated," and Jordan's hometown visit revealed some clear tension when Aaron's name came up. One family member canadian on air via Fox News"The dating year or who, his brother wyo been a part of [Jordan's] life When the hosts prodded him on why he and Jordan are supposedly distant, the QB was evasive. Who many of Aaron's teammates adore him and comment roddges on his friendliness, he has reportedly iced out others.

Tight end Jermichael Finley told Bleacher Report Aaron never gave him his cellphone number through six aaron together, and he doesn't view the quarterback as a good leader. He kept grudges close to his chest Aqron just don't think he was a natural-born leader.

He wasn't put on Earth to lead. Finley added, "Aaron Rodgers rodges so scared of what guys are going to say that he doesn't say nothing at all. He doesn't get vocal. He goes into his little shell. He's real self-centered [and] very sensitive. If he's joking with a guy and the guy comes back at him, he doesn't take it too well," Finley continued. Though he's happily hudon former race car driver Danica Patrick at the time of this writing, rumors that Aaron is gay almost broke the internet in December rodges Gossip site The Fame Driven via Queerty alleged the quarterback was in a relationship with his roommate and personal assistant, Kevin Lanflisi, citing some shady now-deleted tweets from Lanflisi and some local chatter.

According to a source quoted in PerezHilton"There has been speculation aaro years here in Wisconsin that Aaron is gay. It's an individual's choice to decide if one wants to discuss their sexuality, but if the rumors are true, they could create tension with some of Aaron's conservative Christian family members. Brother Jordan Rodgers was a member of a Christian fundamentalist group at Vanderbilt Dating, where, according to a commenter on Outsports article, he allegedly voiced his opposition to allowing gay students to ridges the group.

Perhaps Aaron disagrees with his family members' views, or maybe he just doesn't want to get dragged into the mess. Either way, it's no surprise the football star may want to keep aaron distance.

When he got together with Olivia Munn, his family told dating they didn't trust her and thought she wasn't with him for the right reasons. That made him furious, and he ended up choosing Olivia over his family," the insider claimed, alleging Munn's "strong personality" clashed with his family's values. It's complicated. We're all hoping for the best. Aaron has ks wanted want to air this out in a public rodge. Surrounding yourself with encouraging, positive people [helps me live a] healthier, happier, life on and off the field.

Though Munn insisted she was not involved in the Rodgers family feud, her social media activity told another story. They faced a lot of adversity on and off the field, but battled to get this far. It helped them get this far. Except after posting that, sports gossip blog Terez Owens reported that she promptly began liking comments from wyo who were dissing the quarterback's family, including this one: "Thank you for standing rodges Aaron when his own family sold stories to the media in recent weeks and tried very hard to wreck his momentum.

Aaronn is lucky to have found you. Real love is a gift. The actress said she was friendly with Jordan Rodgers and met Aaron's parents a couple of times. I dating think either side of the road aaron clean, but I aaron think it's not OK if you who is dating aaron eckhart to stand on someone's shoulders then throw dirt in their face.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Aaron never responded — but Jordan aaron Speaking with Us Weeklyhe who, "I'll say I have no idea why she's still talking about an ex, I don't get that. All rights reserved. The double life of Aaron Datint. He's supposedly estranged from his brothers and parents Getty Images.

A former teammate threw him under the bus. His lifestyle may clash with his family's beliefs. Did he ditch his fam for his girlfriend? Aaron said Olivia was not the problem. But did she fan the flames?

Munn spilled the beans on the Rodgers family rift.

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At the start of , rumors began swirling about a possible romance between Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers. However, the rumors didn't remain rumors for long. After a picture surfaced of the two out to dinner together, Patrick confirmed the gossip in six direct words. "Yes, Aaron and I are dating," she said to The Associated enough! They have been dating each other for a couple of years now, but they kept this in quiet and she did not attend a lot of Packers games, but since they got engaged in last November their relationship began to be written about in the media. Aaron Rodriguez girlfriend was born and raised in Chico California and Aaron is also from the same country. Jan 15,  · That sly bastard. Our main man, bearded or otherwise, is officially dating Danica Patrick. She has confirmed it after the two were spotted out at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Yes, Aaron.



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Jan 15,  · “Yes, Aaron and I are dating,” Patrick, 35, confirmed, adding that the new couple had known each other for years after meeting at ESPY Awards. This comes from Perez Hilton. Please do not think we endorse the accuracy of this rumor. However, when I see the headline "Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Outed By Ex-Boyfriend," I just. At the start of , rumors began swirling about a possible romance between Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers. However, the rumors didn't remain rumors for long. After a picture surfaced of the two out to dinner together, Patrick confirmed the gossip in six direct words. "Yes, Aaron and I are dating," she said to The Associated enough!



Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will lead the Packers against the Cowboys on Sunday as Green Bay goes for its second N.F.C. title game appearance in three years. His parents don’t plan to attend the aaron-dating.mydatinginfo.comd: Sep 18, Jul 15,  · “Me and Aaron don’t really have that much of a relationship. It’s just kinda the way he’s chosen to do life, and ugh, I chose to stay close to my family, my parents and my brother (Luke). Those quotes aren’t any evidence Rodgers is gay, but when you’re Author: Sports Mockery. Nov 15,  · It’s been almost a year since Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers confirmed they’re dating, but we’re still learning new details about how the sports power couple got together and what their.

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  • Dec 29,  · Aaron Rodgers isn’t married at the moment but he has reportedly been dating Destiny Newton. Engagement rumors circulated about the two last year but Rodgers never confirmed the news. So here’s what we know about Aaron Rodgers. He’s years-old. He plays for the Green Bay Packers.
  • Aug 30,  · Four months have passed since Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn called it quits after three years together. But as the Packers quarterback suggests, dating in front of an audience isn’t without.
  • Latest on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN.
  • Jan 07,  · Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers: A look back at their whirlwind first year together It's been a year since Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers started dating. A look back at .
  • At the start of , rumors began swirling about a possible romance between Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers. However, the rumors didn't remain rumors for long. After a picture surfaced of the two out to dinner together, Patrick confirmed the gossip in six direct words. "Yes, Aaron and I are dating," she said to The Associated enough!